To become the best community-based service platform for the exchange
of mainstream fashion items in Europe.

We are an example of the circular economy, founded on the idea of reducing, reusing and recycling everything we have in our homes beginning with our clothes. From there we could potentially
extend our service to other product categories in the future.

Our philosophy

The fashion industry is the 3rd most polluting industry in the world (after oil and agriculture), responsible for:


of water wasted globally


of carbon dioxide emissions 

as well as the production of more greenhouse gases than air and sea transportation combined.
Cotton fields are responsible for 24% of insecticide and 11% of pesticide usage worldwide.

With your help and participation, we are committed to changing and improving this.

How? In three simple steps:



Try to avoid buying more things purely for the sake of having them. More sustainable consumer habits will help save water, energy, resources and decrease pollution.



Extend the life cycle of the products you use. Once old, give items a new or second use rather than disposing of them.



Most pieces of clothing that are thrown away end up in landfill where they decompose and produce methane gas, contributing to greenhouse emissions.

Since 2015
we have saved:

1M m3 of water
which equals
500 Olympic
swimming pools
1700 tons of C02
which equals
1000 flights between Rome
and Delhi