armadioverde is a community-based platform, where you can exchange and get maximum value for the clothes and accessories you no longer use.

Promoting and supporting the circular economy, armadioverde was born in fashion capital Milan in 2015.
The vision: to provide an innovative, sustainable alternative that reduces the consumption and environmental impact of fast fashion.

Guided by the passion and
unique vision of our CEO and co-founder, David Erba (a former director of alternative technologies at Fiat Chrysler International), the company enjoys the backing of some of the most important Italian investment funds, and has begun the exciting journey of internationalisation.

How it all began:

When their children were born, our co-founders Eleonora and David noticed that the average lifetime of a garment was just a month or two. Clothes the kids had grown out of often ended up just occupying wardrobe space:
at best, they might be passed
onto friends, but at worst they ended up in the bin.

A familiar problem for most of us, and a bigger problem for the planet.

This is how armadioverde was born. A simple idea with a very ambitious goal: create
a company based on the foundations and virtues of the circular economy. A participatory project which gives new life to
our wardrobes, reduces resource consumption, and saves us money. It all started with
children, and naturally
progressed to include women’s clothing, and recently men’s clothing too.